Meet Mochi & Friends

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Meet Mochi, the adorable corgi with a sense of entrepreneurship! Often mistaken for a cute bear, Mochi is the proud owner of a charming cafe and bakery called 'Mochi Cafe'. Known for his caring nature, Mochi goes above and beyond to take care of his friends. Join Mochi's delightful adventures and experience a world filled with love and friendship.

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Meet Bonbon, a fluffy bunny with a green thumb! Growing the most delicious vegetables in her garden she makes sure everyone gets a healthy meal. Bonbon's love for plants and flowers is contagious. She is truly a nature enthusiast. Catch her at Mochi Cafe, where she spends quality time with friends, spreading joy and warmth. Join Bonbon on her heartwarming journey of friendship and wholesome goodness.

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Meet Bento, the lovable and (usually) lazy bear with an insatiable appetite! He indulges in all the delicious foods prepared by Mochi and Bonbon. Sporting a tempura outfit, Bento's love for fried food knows no bounds. He even has a tempura pet named Ebi, adding a dash of whimsy to his adorable world. Join Bento on his culinary adventures and embrace the joy of good food and delightful company.

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Meet Plumo, the delightful cat-like creature with a passion for cleaning. He takes pride in keeping everything spick and span. But that's not all—Plumo also has a creative flair. He enjoys drawing, painting, and bringing imaginative creations to life. With apples being his favorite fruit, Plumo embodies a perfect blend of tidiness and artistic charm. Join Plumo on his whimsical journey and embrace the joy of cleanliness, creativity, and a love for nature's bounty.

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